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White wines



Welschriesling DAC

Art-Nr. 00005

0,75 lt. Stmk bottle Alc: 11,5% RZ: 1g SRE: 6,3%o. Fresh and fruity-Styria. A crisp acidity and a pleasant smell of ripe apples. A Welschriesling, as from the picture book.


€ 6,50

chardonnay luna

Chardonnay Luna - we let him mature - patience!

Art-Nr. 00033

0,75 lt. Stmk bottle Alc: 13,0% RZ: 2g SRE: 4,5%o. Much knowledge and experience around the influence of the moon are necessary to create such an exceptional wine. Under strict consideration of the moon phases, this fascinating, mystical Chardonnay emerged. If possible, add 3-4 hours to this wine and enjoy it wisely.


€ 12,00


Weissburgunder (White Burgundy) DAC

Art-Nr. 00009

0,75 lt. Stmk bottle Alc: 11,5% RZ: 2g SRE: 6,5%o. We recommend the Weissburgunder for years to fish - that will remain so. He has therefore again this year a crystal-clear structure, pleasant notes of burgundy and is easily in the alcohol - an all-rounder.


€ 8,00

gelber muskateller

Gelber Muskateller (Yellow Muscat) DAC

Art-Nr. 00006

0,75 lt. Stmk bottle Alc: 11,5% RZ: 2g SRE: 6,0%o. Distinctive fragrance spectrum of fresh grapes, juicy and ripe, noticeable nutmeg, lively. Animating extract sweetness and a lot of minerality - almost vibrating. Not just as an aperitif or light summer wine - Muskateller is always in season!


€ 9,00

sauvignon blanc klassik

Sauvignon Blanc DAC

Art-Nr. 00008

0,75 lt. Stmk bottle Alc: 12,5% RZ: 2g SRE: 5,8%o. By classic we mean a fresh-fruity wine. Elegant and always dry expanded in stainless steel tank. The Sauvignon Blanc impresses to the fragrance by its hints of gooseberry and lychee.


€ 10,00

sauvignon blanc schlossweingarten 2015

Sauvignon Blanc Schlossweingarten 2018

Art-Nr. 00029

0,75 lt. Stmk bottle Alc: 13,0% RZ: 3g SRE: 5,5%o. A truly selective harvest of the best grapes from the castle vineyard allows us to make a highly elegant wine. This wine is stored after fermentation in small and large wooden barrels to perfect maturity.


€ 18,00


White & Sweet

Art-Nr. 00010

0,75 lt. Stmk bottle Alc: 10,0% RZ: 41g SRE: 5,8%o. Playfully easy with only 10% vol. Alcohol and sweet on the palate. A wine for the youth and the young at heart.


€ 9,00

junker weiss

Junker white - currently not on sale

Art-Nr. 00025

0,75 lt. Stmk bottle. From November 2017
The first wine in the new vintage will be presented on Wednesday before Martini and may be served only from this day. This first wine is to be regarded with its youthful echoes as a harbinger for the respective vintage. He must  dry with max. 4g be residual sugar, carry the state test number and as a sign of its authenticity the Styrian Junker capsule.
This Junker is this year a Cuvée from Welschriesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat and Morillon.


€ 7,00

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