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Miss Rósy Vermouth



Miss Rósy Vermouth

Art-Nr. 00034

Vermouth is an aromatized, fortified wine which is flavored with spices and herbs. This beverage must have an alcohol content between 14.5 and 21.9 vol%. The sugar content is different, which is why the vermouth is often divided into "extra dry", "dry", "semi-dry" and "sweet". The name vermouth comes from the wormwoodplant, which gives this drink the bitter aroma. As an aperitif, as a component of many cocktails and also for the refinement of meals, the vermouth is often used in gastronomy. 

Miss Rósy presents herself youthful, confident and modern. Pure or prepared as a mixed drink, Miss Rósy is an experience in itself.

How do you drink your Miss Rósy?

4 cl + ice cubes

or 1 part Miss Rósy + 2 parts soda + ice cubes

or 1 part Miss Rósy + 2 parts tonic + ice cubes



€ 24,90

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