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 Schilcher roast

 ¾ kg Sirloin

300 g mirepoix

1 onion

50 g bacon

salt, pepper, 1 bay leaf

1 aplle

3/8 l soup

1/8 l Schilcher, some creme

Put salt and pepper onto the sirlion and roast it. Add the mirepoix and pieces of the apple, put the bacon on top of the roast and add soup, let it braise. Blend the vegetables and out them back in. Deglaze with Schilcher and do net let it boil for much longer. Add some crème.

The roast takes about 1 ½ hours.


Quick fish recipe


4 Filet  of a fish  (eg Zander)

1/16 Weissburgunder to deglaze

1/16 l chicken soup, 1/2 cup of creme

Vegetables julienne


Cook the vegetables well. Season filet with salt pepper, garlic and roast it. Put the cooked vegetables on top of it and add the wine crème soup.

Boil it up. We like to eat it with tagliatelle.


Almond chicken with Schilcher

4 chicken breasts

1/8 Schilcher Pink & Sweet

3 sp flour

4 sp Butter

60 g Almonds cut

3 garlic pieces and 1 onion cut

1 sp parsley

salt, pepper

Lemon juice

Let chicken breast boil for 2 minutes. Season with salt, pepper and roast in butter. Add lemon juice and let it roast. Take it out of the pan and keep it hot, meanwhile but almonds, garlic and onions into the glaze and roast it. Add the rest of the butter to the wine and out the chicken back and warm it all up. Add parsley and lemon and enjoy. Fantastic with rice!

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